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At QPAC Jazz Festival 2008

I hope you have lots of fun, and enjoy every minute you spend here. After more than fifty years as a musician and teacher I have lots of experience to share with you.My story:
Born in Yallourn, Victoria, Australia at a very early age. Studied classical piano from 9 years old until 14 when I quit. A few months later, someone played a Nat King Cole Trio record for me and I was hooked for life ! Talk about enthusiasm ! Practice of 6 – 8 hours daily in addition to having a full time job built up a stamina for playing I’m still benefitting from today after 50 + years of playing and teaching.My other long term passion in life has been aviation which fascinated me from about 10 years old.  Had to check out each aircraft which flew over our town and soon learned to recognise all types. As a small boy I went to our local aero club, refuelled, cleaned windscreens and as a reward was given many delightful open cockpit Tiger Moth flights.

Music was the greater passion so I concentrated on making my living musically and ignored flying until my 39th birthday when I decided to learn to fly. The Commercial Pilot’s Licence was earned and a Seaplane endorsement followed soon after. During the next few years I flew by day and played by night and was working as a seaplane pilot on the East coast of Australia from Cairns in North Queensland to Strahan in Tasmania, and finally arrived at the Gold Coast. In what seemed like moments, 20 years had passed and it was time to hang up the headset for good.  I sure had lots of fun and have seen truly remarkable places, which is why I consider myself an authority on some of Australia’s most interesting seaplane destinations, and some of our greatest music venues.

Wearing my Non Musical Hat

Among the photos on my Facebook page   www.facebook.com/Webfoot06  you’ll find the open cockpit seaplane in which I spent 8 happy years. In recent years the music industry has been great and our trio of Peter, Warren and I got together in 1990 for all types of gigs, concentrating on playing jazz – my music of passion ! In 2004 we added Malcolm on trumpet and vocal and since June 19th that year have played at the Gold Coast’s premier jazz venue, The Basement at the local Arts Centre. This wonderful engagement ran for five and a half years.
Check out other pages on this  website, and learn more about our Jazz Mentoring Program for young players – “THE APPRENTICES”. My Facebook fan page is www.facebook.com/harrylynnmusic – a click on the Like button   will be appreciated.My BEST  STUDENT EVER now lives in California,  and has recently written some arrangements and conducted the orchestra for the Clint Eastwood movies  “Hereafter “  and “J Edgar” Please check him out here.

Yamaha C3 in Black / Ebony – my dream Grand Piano

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